Kids / Ages 2-12

image2Bible Explorers – In our Bible Explorers class, we introduce the kids to Jesus. We want to plant the imperishable seed of the Word while their hearts are still tender. Our teachers & students accomplish this by exploring the Bible together, because the Word of God is so exciting! We unconditionally love and accept each and every child that comes through our doors. We give them opportunities to participate in class, ask them how their week was and give them lots of positive feedback during craft time. We hope that through us, these little ones will learn that Jesus loves and cares for them, and is with them every day.

Bible Explorers meet every Sunday after worship, during the adult teaching time. We feel it is important for our children to participate in corporate praise and worship time with us.

Youth / Ages 8-12

Young Disciplescfcpic2

In our Young Disciples class, we build on what they’ve learned in Bible Explorers. We begin to discuss doctrine and larger concepts of Christianity instead of just Bible stories. We talk about the happenings and issues in their lives and help them by discussing scriptural principles that might be relevant to them. Fun activities in this class include word searches and fill-in-the-blank puzzles.
We believe our ministry to this “tween” age group is very important. As the pressures in these young lives are increasing and they are struggling to understand who they are and how they fit in the world, we hope to instill in them that Christ can be their rock as they grow and face new challenges. In addition to showing these older kids the love of Jesus, we hope to equip them with the foundation of God’s Word in everyday life situations they may encounter.
Young Disciples meet once per month on the last Sunday of the month, after worship, during the adult teaching time.